Our Facilities

The Almond Tree Children’s Village

The Almond Tree (TAT) Children’s Village is based in Cloverdene, Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa.

The Village property encompasses: The Almond Tree Head Office and Social Services, the Tree House Baby Nursery and Children’s Home and Nurture Nest Pre-school (Early Childhood Development centre).

Current developments include the building of eight permanent residential cluster homes for vulnerable children and a large pre-school for approximately 150 children. A sustainable food security project is also a current and on-going project.

Future developments will include: a primary school, a vocational training centre a medical facility and a church/community centre. 


The Almond Tree identified a need for a Children’s Village where they could care for vulnerable children that are older than three years.

In the past, cases would regularly be turned away due to the presence of a sibling older than three years and since The Almond Tree registration previously only applied to ages birth to three years, this presented a very real challenge.

We believe in keeping family together and this sparked the idea to develop The Almond Tree Children’s Village

The Village is made up of parents and children, staff members and volunteers, all who live and work together as a community.

The Village provides a home for children who have lost their families or who are vulnerable due to various circumstances.

The Tree House is the first of many children’s homes that will be developed on the Village property.

The home can house up to forty babies and thirty children between the ages of birth to twelve years old. The Tree house will house children over the age of four until the permanent residential cluster homes have been built. The Almond Tree model is based on the family unit and creating an environment where family can thrive.