All great things have small beginnings and The Almond Tree is no different.

The Almond Tree started as a small operation led by an amazing couple who laid down their lives for just one baby.

Little did they know that within the next four years that one baby would become many babies-and- children who would come to know the love and nurture of what home is at The Almond Tree.

The Almond Tree Logo began as a tree, the tree represented a mother and child in a pose of nurture, love and protection. This was very much aligned to The Almond Tree’s vision to offer a place of safety, care and protection for vulnerable babies.

The Almomd Tree

Over time the vision has enlarged to include a second Baby Home, a Children’s Village, an Early Childhood Development Centre and many other great plans related to sustainable village community life.

This growth has created the need for a logo that could encompass all these facets and communicate the message of The Almond Tree effectively.

The original logo was carefully and prayerfully designed by a dear friend of The Almond Tree, Carolyn Trollope. Each element of the original design carried a significant message about the heart of The Almond Tree for vulnerable children as well as their heart for discipleship into their direct community and even to the nation’s.

This logo truly embraced everything The Almond Tree stands for; being deep rooted in faith, love and hope, embracing the fullness of nurture and strength, a stable pillar of support, a body of excellent service to others and core values rooted in integrity, honesty and faithful stewardship.

Finding a new design that would encompass all these things and be able to represent the growing branches of The Almond Tree was an amazing journey.

After much prayer and thought as to who the right person would be to take our brand forward, it was clear from our first meeting with Janine Terblanche, that her heart aligned with ours.

Janine is the founder and owner of The Blue Little Owl House – a boutique graphic design studio, specializing in graphic design & creative branding development. Her personal journey is an inspiration and it was clear to us that her heart and innate creativity is poured into every detail of her design process, with much consideration and attention to detail. From the instant we met, we knew Janine was the right fit to take The Almond Tree through our re-branding experience.

Like Carolyn, Janine fully understood the DNA of The Almond Tree, she understood how to personify every detail and she enveloped the previous logo within the new design. Hereby preserving the essence of the original but adding an extra dimension.

The new representation of the tree likens to a mature mother with a big heart, advanced in experience, able to bear many children, able to open her arms to a world of vulnerable children and offer them a safe place to call their home – The message is that The Almond Tree Children are no longer vulnerable and orphaned, they are Children of Promise. Promised by God, full of promise and full of hope.

Every child that enters The Almond Tree receives something of the DNA of The Almond Tree that they can take with them throughout their life, whether they stay with us for a short while or forever, they will always know where they belonged and will always belong. The Almond Tree is raising its children to be leaders and visionaries for our nation.

For those who have walked the road alongside The Almond Tree, we hope that you resonate with our new logo as much as you resonated with our original logo. We also hope that as we grow in great things, you will continue to grow with us.

Without your support, we could not complete our mission.